Lay Pastor - Susanna Brookes


Hello! I am Susanna Brookes, and it is my privilege to be serving as a Lay Pastor in the Doncaster Circuit.

I have previously worked for the Methodist Church as District Evangelism Enabler for the Sheffield District, and also as an Evangelist at Cliff College, which saw me lead teams of students on mission all over this country and into Europe.

I am a Cornish Dairy Farmer’s daughter and very proud of my roots, travelling back to see family whenever possible. I was blessed to grow up in beautiful surroundings and in a Christian family, and I can remember having a very real but simple faith from being very young. There have been some very significant points along my life when I have decided as I understood more, to accept more of God’s love and will for me. One being the first time I understood what it was that Jesus did in dying for me. Another when at 18 I finally started to train to be a local preacher (I say finally as I dithered for a couple of years thinking it was only something ‘older people’ did!).

I love to bake – a family trait, and I enjoy a wide range of music. I have also this year developed a love-hate relationship with the gym and running. I hate the thought of it but love it once it’s done!

Susanna Brookes: 01302 532532  or email minister[at] 


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